Erie Police have issued an arrest warrant for a third suspect in a recent killing during a suspected drug robbery.

This comes after two others were charged and the search continues for a fourth suspect.

Erie Police say that surveillance video from a dollar tree is what reportedly help lead them to identify the suspect.

Erie Police have issued an arrest warrant for 22-year-old Marshawn Williams, who they believe was involved in the shooting death of 26-year-old Devin Way on Southgate Drive on January 19th.

Police say charges of criminal homicide of the first degree and criminal conspiracy to commit robbery are lodged against Williams.

“Statements given by the two individuals that were arrested, as well as, video footage that was obtained through that investigation. Officers were able to identify one of the individuals in the video prior to the homicide,” said Chief Dan Spizarny, Erie Police Department.

19-year-old Melissa Seaman and 22-year-old Michael Toles are both in the Erie County Prison without bond on the same charges Williams faces.

“They continue to work on this very hard. It’s been a week already, but the case is not over. We’ll continue to see it through to the end,” said Chief Spizarny.

If the wanted suspect chooses to turn himself in, “He doesn’t have to give a statement to police. He can turn himself in and exercise his right to remain silent and that cannot be used against him. The judge will specifically instruct a jury in a trial that his silence upon arrest cannot be used against him,” said John Carlson, attorney.

If this individual attempts to escape, “There’s a different instruction that the jury will get and that is that the jurors can infer that the reason they fled to avoid arrest is because they were consciously aware of their guilt,” said Carlson.

It is unknown at this time if Williams is still in the area. Police are still searching for the fourth suspect in this case, however, if you recognize Williams you are urged to call police.