Police: Man shoots pit bulls after they attack lab

Local News

A man shoots two pit bulls, killing one of them, after they attack his lab. Police are still investigating whether or not that shooter will face charges.

Police say two pit bulls entered a home on the 200 block of East 29th Street through an open window and dragged a lab outside. The owner told police he tried to pry the pit bulls off his dog. When they wouldn’t budge, he shot them.

Police Chief Randy Bowers says anytime a weapon is used, the situation is investigated thoroughly.

“Certainly you can’t go around shooting dogs, but if a family’s property, people or pets are in danger in the form of a menacing animal, those are circumstances that we will look at,” Bowers says.

Bowers says without knowing all of the facts about the situation, he cannot comment on the use of the gun.

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