Police remind parents of swimming safety as the weather gets warmer

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A tragic drowning accident that led a toddler to die Monday evening has Erie Police reminding parents to be mindful when leaving a child unattended near a swimming pool.    

Erie Police say parents should install a latch key gate.

Police tell those who may be getting a new pool to follow the lists of safety guidelines that come with it.

Deputy Chief of the Erie Police Department Rick Lorah says any kind of swimming pool can be dangerous for any young child under the age of 14.

He says parents should stay alert around open water since one turn away from a child can cause a tragic accident.

“You really have to pay attention because drowning happens in an instant. It happens so quickly and it can happen quietly to the point where you’re not gonna know what’s going on, so you just really need to be cognizant of how dangerous open water is for juveniles,” said Rick Lorah, Deputy Chief, Erie City Police.

Deputy Chief Lorah says the incident of the drowning toddler was determined to be accidental.

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