Police request crash video from 12th Street businesses

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Erie Police have obtained surveillance video from both American Tinning and Modern Tool, on the corners of West 12th and Cherry streets to get a closer look at what happened moments before the accident and to help place all of the occupants in the car.

That accident, Friday afternoon, killing 65 year old Charles Barnes, 72 year old Williw Byrd, and 65 year old Oscar Johnson when their Hyundai Santa Fe sped through a red light at the intersection and slammed into a semi truck.  Their SUV reportedly was traveling upwards of 90 miles per hour.  Police have since descovered that the car was registered to Johnson.

Investigators are also looking for video from companies along 12th Street, east of Cherry, to try and track when the acceleration began.  Seargent Jeff Annunziata, EPD Traffic Investigator, says, “it lets us know that no one was chasing him, or maybe why he was going at the speed.” 

“I’ve seen train wrecks, other vehicles,” says Annunziata, “nothing this bad”.  He says it does not appear to be a case of reckless driving and the accident could have been caused by a mechanical failure or medical issue.  But, due to  the extent of damage they may never know for sure.

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