Police request your help with a handful of unsolved murders in the city

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Erie Police are asking for residents with information to speak up, this as authorities attempt to identify suspects in the homicide cases. 

Since late summer, there have been several homicides and suspicious deaths that remain unsolved.  According to police, one of the deaths is suspected to be a self-inflicted wound.

On September 24th, 32-year-old Dusty Carter was found dead of a stab wound to the neck in her home in the 2500 block of Wallace Street on September 24th; police believe the wound to be self-inflicted. However, the Erie County Coroner has ruled the death undetermined. 

Stretching from August to last month, homicides of 24-year-old Calvin Isaiah, 44-year-old Phillip Clark, 18-year-old Jose Rosario, and 56-year-old John Allen remain unsolved. 

Police say they are still investigating and, in some cases, need more evidence.  Meanwhile, one person who lives near one of the deaths is staying alert. “We watch the block. I mean, not like really watch everybody that’s on the block, but at times there are people like out here that usually aren’t out here.”

Erie Police say that witnesses coming forward or calling with tips can make the difference in solving cases.

Deputy Chief Mike Nolan, of EPD Criminal Investigation Division, says, “There’s a bit of misconception sometimes that people do fear that we are going to reveal their names. So, they don’t want to leave that with us. They may call anonymously if that’s what they choose to do.”

Nolan says reporting anonymously does not carry the same weight as someone whose identity they can verify.  Leads are still coming for many of these cases, but any information the public has could potentially help.

Click here to enter a tip online or call (814) 870-1125.

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