Police union respond to police incident during May 30th riot

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The FOP Police Union today sent out a response in regards to the incident that took place on May 30th during the downtown riot involving a police officer who utilized his foot to push a protester in order to get her to move.

We all saw videos arising from the protests and later riots on May 30th. The FOP regrets a particular situation that occurred involving one of our officers. This officer was attempting to clear the streets of rioters. A protestor had placed them self between police and rioters, trying to stop the police from dispersing the crowd. The officer followed proper procedures in attempting to get the protestor to move. This was occurring while rioters were using large fireworks, bricks, rocks, and water bottles to attempt to injure police officers. Since the protestor was seated between police and rioters, those objects could have struck and seriously injured them.

Throughout the night, as buildings with residents in the upper floors were being set ablaze, our officers demonstrated incredible restraint. Our officers were working under duress for many hours that night and were protecting citizens’ lives. A two-second clip should not define your view of our officers, as they had made thousands of decisions that night in attempts to restore peace to downtown.

The FOP will continue to be committed to fair policing and working with the community to help improve relationships with Erie’s citizens .We will be reviewing the Mayor’s decision involving the incident and determine the actions we will take moving forward.

Sgt. Ken Kensill
Erie FOP 7 President

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