As the primary election inches closer, political experts are encouraging people to get out and vote.

“Municipal elections generally have lower turnout than a mid-term or general election,” said Caitlin Handerhan, executive director of Public Policy Fund at Penn State Behrend.  “But really when you think about what the function of local government is, that’s where most of your decisions are made that impact your life day to day. It’s your taxes, it’s your roads.”

Handerhan says it’s also important to do research on the candidates who are running for office before you go out and vote. “It’s really important that you do your research and you know who is your county council representative is, you know who your choices are for Erie City Council and those are things people can easily find access to online,” said Handerhan. 

The races in this election include Erie County judge, Erie City and county council, township supervisor, Crawford and Warren county commissioners, a big sheriff’s race in Crawford county, and your local school boards.    

If you don’t where your polling location is, it’s not too late to find out. You can call your voter registration office or check online. “It’s much easier to just call our office and that way we can tell them.. in case they need the address… we can give them the address as well. They want to make sure they check their polling locations so they are going to the correct poll,” said Kim Alexander, Erie County election supervisor.

Make sure keep in mind, people who are registered to third parties will not be able to vote in this election. 

The polls open up at 7 am on Tuesday and will close at 8 pm.