A political standoff between the Erie County executive and members of the Redevelopment Authority board continues.

The request for the resignation for three board members has been withdrawn.

Here is more on the Erie County Redevelopment Authority meeting that took place on May 24.

Board members refused to resign. At the meeting on Tuesday morning, one member of Erie County Council apologized for the request.

Members of the Erie County Redevelopment Authority gathered for their monthly meeting Tuesday. It was the first time they’ve met since Erie County Executive Brenton Davis asked for the resignation of three board members.

The board members are Board Chair Kate Philips, Secretary William Deluca and Treasurer Laith Wardi.

The board members refused to resign and will complete their five year terms.

One county councilwoman said that the work of the Redevelopment Authority benefits the entire county.

“I think that the board deserves an apology. They put in their time, they put in their effort, their expertise, and they do it as volunteers. I think that can’t be said enough. The work that they do produces economic benefits for everybody in Erie County, and people need to be aware of that,” said Mary Rennie, Erie County Councilwoman.

One county council member said that despite tabling the request for resignations, they have plans to accelerate development in the county.

“For some reason, the direction we keep taking is redeveloping the City of Erie, but we’re not the City Council. We’re Erie County Council. We’ve got Albion, Lake City, Harborcreek, North East. We have so many little townships that need help,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman.

Shank said that county-wide initiatives are continuing.

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“The people of Erie County voted him in for his economic development plan. So I think when he approached me with this plan, he wants another direction than it’s going right now, and I understand that. So we put the resolution together, and after further review, we looked at it, the lawyers looked at it and said this probably isn’t the path,” said Shank.