Pony Express prepares for a busy return weekend

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‘Twas the weekend after Christmas and hundreds of people are already shipping back their holiday gifts.

Tammy Fenno knows first hand to wait a few days to beat those long return lines.

“I am returning my husbands shoes because they’re too big, so we’re shipping them back to Amazon, ” Fenno said.

For others like Morgan Getty, she’s just getting around to shipping packages to family across the country.

“I need to send off gifts that I still didn’t get out for the holiday, so a little cousin in San Jose and a friend in Arizona.”

Employees at Pony Express are already back at work making sure returns run smoothly.

The store offers returns through UPS, FedEx, and USPS making the post holiday season a bit simpler for customers.

More than 400 people have already stopped by to ship back their holiday gifts.

David Grab, Owner of Pony Express says, “There’s been people that have come into town visiting, there’s people that need to pack and ship their presents and some people who have a lot of forgotten items.”

If you’re returning some presents from the holidays, there are tips you can take before heading to the store.

“Have them ready to go, if they’re just a return item and they don’t need any type of receipt or tracking number for the product we can allow them just to drop it off here,” Grab added.

It’s also important to track your packages and make sure it gets back to the final destination.

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