Port Farms held their second annual Blooms, Bubbles, and Butterflies event this weekend during their Flower Festival that has been going on throughout the week.

As part of this event, a butterfly release took place for guests to participate in.

Not only are the butterflies beautiful to look at, they are also helping the pollination process of the fields of flowers at the farm.

Releasing butterflies holds a special meaning for many as a farm employee told us.

“For a loved one, whispering a message to a butterfly can be sent to a greater spirit in the air, and that can be very important for people who have recently or not recently lost family members close to them. I think it’s important for the people just to have closure. I think it’s just really something special,” said Jade Hanas, Port Farms Employee.

Port Farms noted that this is quite a popular event as it sold out in 2021.