Possible changes could be coming to downtown Erie YMCA

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More changes could be coming to one local YMCA.

You can see this large building behind me here that is centralized right in downtown Erie, however within this building only three floors are in full use but one potential project is looking to change this.

When you walk through the 4th and 5th floors of the downtown YMCA you can see an updated children’s center on one floor and teen center on the other. However what you can’t see is what lies behind the doors on those same floors, vacant areas that haven’t been renovated in decades. But that could soon be changing.

“We heard from the innovation district that they have interest in developing our upper floors, we were very excited about it and the opportunity to work with them and bring new life into our building an certainly people to the downtown area,” said Gerry Vandemerwe, CEO of greater YMCA. If this project comes to fruition contractors will look to turn those areas and the sixth floor into office spaces. Contractors would look to reface some of the exteriors of the building as it will be used attract new businesses. Leaders of the potential project said all that is going on around the area, this would mark a perfect location for what they are looking to do.

“As you look at what’s happening this street becomes a natural corridor for technology businesses, the ymca is historic iconic building, what better place that you can say here we will center and cluster these businesses and do something exciting,” said Karl Sanchack, Erie Innovation District. Some local leaders went onto to explain the variety of different people that could come to the area through the project,

“We’re brining in businesses from all over the globe, 15 different countries this time around. So its bringing in a whole different slue of different individuals. The goal is to have something in place for this project by the end of the year,” said Rebecca Styn, Erie Innovation District. Now the windows you can see behind me here are one part of initial renovation plans. Another project is an elevator along the outside.

If this does happen the building will be called the innovation tower.

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