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Jurors in the Bill Cosby trial said Thursday they are deadlocked and cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault the comedian faces.

Judge Steven O’Niell asked the jury, which began deliberating Monday evening, to go back to deliberating in another attempt to reach consensus.  If they still cannot reach consensus, a hung jury will cause the Judge to declare a mistrial.

The jury of four white women, six white men, one black woman, and one black man have deliberated for about 31 hours so far.  The jurors were bused in from Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, and have been sequestered in a hotel for the trial.

Accuser, Andrea Constand, went to police in January 2005 to report that Cosby had sexually assaulted her a year earlier. She had left Temple the previous March and was back home in the Toronto area, setting aside a life in basketball to become a massage therapist.
The District Attorney at that time, Bruce Castor, did not press charges. Constand then sued Bill Cosby, negotiating a settlement after he gave sworn testimony about a string of sexual liaisons with young women. Cosby admitted giving some of them pills or alcohol…
UPDATE:  The jurors in the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial say they are still deadlocked.  After 30 hours of deliberations, they are at a stand-still.  When they reported their second dead-lock to the Judge, he sent them back in to “keep trying” to reach a decision.
“This deadlock shows the Not Guilty that Mr. Cosby has been saying the entire time.  That he is not guilty of these charges,” said Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s Spokesperson.
Gloria Allred, Attorney, disagreed; saying, “this is not a vindication of anybody.  It is not the end.  It is not over until it is over and it is not over yet.”
The jury deliberating Bill Cosby’s fate since Monday, asked the Judge 6 questions over 4 days, including a request to hear excerpts from Cosby’s 2005 deposition in a Civil Suit brought by his accuser, Andrea Constand.  Cosby then admitted to giving her Benadryl so she could “relax” and graphically described what he calls, “a consensual sexual encounter,” saying he did not ask constand for permission to touch her, but she did not refuse his initial advances.
The jury also asked to hear the testimony of the Police Officer who conducted Constand’s initial police interview when she first reported the assault.  Constand accused Cosby of giving her three blue pills and then sexually assaulting her at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.
On Monday during closing arguments, the prosecutors described Cosby as a calculating sexual predator the defense told the jury the defense told the jury Cosby may have been an “adulterer” but he was no criminal.
This morning the Judge denied the defense’s motion for a mistrial and, instead, instructed jurors to continue their deliberations.

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