Potential bidders tour vacant Roosevelt Middle School

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Contractors took a walk through a vacant school building to see what is required to knock it down.

We went to Roosevelt Middle School for a look at what the next steps are with the building’s demolition.

If everything goes accordingly, this property could be emptied by the end of summer and early fall.

One thing that won’t go down with the buildings structure is the memories that were made inside.

“I am very sad. Roosevelt was more than just a school, it was the spirit of the neighborhood. It was one of the outstanding schools in Erie,” said Pat Cappabianca, former Principal of Roosevelt Middle School.

The school closed it’s doors in 2007 and now contractors will look to take it down.

“After the building and the foundation have been demolished, it will be filled with pea-gravel compacted down and then grass seed will replace back on top of it,” said Neil Brockman, Director of Operations at the Erie School District.

According to the district, 14 companies walked through the former middle school. Those companies range from contractors that deal with strictly demolition to those who deal with abatement of asbestos.

One former principal went on to remember that when students walked out of the building, the pride of where they went to school followed them.

“The kids would come home when I was a child just bragging about Roosevelt and how great it was and teachers and the different things that were going on there. They took trips to England every year. The whole school went to Cedar Point. Things like that which no other school was doing,” said Cappabianca.

The district went on to say that they’re working to salvage as much memorabilia as possible.

“Obviously we know the building has sentimental value for the neighbors and we are trying to honor that as much as we can,” said Brockman.

Bids must be turned into the district by May 15th and will be opened on May 18th.

The hope is to have this property fenced in sometime in June to begin work because they anticipate to announce the decision for who they will take for the bid on June 11th.

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