‘Pound for Pink’ is the perfect time to try the new fitness craze in the area

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Here’s one way to get your heart pumping; a new fitness trend helping you ‘pound’ away stress, pounds, and this weekend, breast cancer.

‘Pound’ is a full-body workout combining cardio, pilates, and jam sessions.  Participants use bright green drumsticks, also known as ‘Rip Stix’.  

A local ‘Pound’ fitness instructor, Miriah Blackmer, says the workout is beneficial in more ways than one.  She says it “helps boost your mood, makes you feel more positive because you did go out there, you got nice and sweaty getting those toxins out, and you just have a great time!”

 Pound Fitness combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements; a full-body workout indeed.  And as for the music, Miriah tells us, “The music is completely up to par. It’s new stuff, there’s old stuff, there’s metal… every genre you could think of!”

She became a certified Pound Fitness Instructor in May.  She’s one of the first few people to bring the LA-born fitness trend to the area.  She’s not shy to push you to your limits.

According to the ‘Pound’ website, after a 45-minute session,  you’ll have completed 15,000 reps, burning almost 700 calories!  

‘Pound’ is an addictive fitness trend that will have you forgetting you’re even working out.

Miriah is hosting a ‘Pound for Pink’ fundraiser this Saturday at 10:30am at Fun Fitness in Fairview to raise money for breast cancer research.  The cost is $7.

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