Power outages cause safety hazards

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More than a day after the storm, around 400 people between Erie and Crawford County were still without power.

But, a team of inspectors with the Erie County Health Department is making sure people are safe.

“Checking in with our facilities, our schools and our restaurants to make sure that they didn’t suffer a power outage or if they did — how long it was for,” said Breanna Adams, an environmental protection specialist.

How long is the key component.
If someone’s power is out for more than four hours, their food likely enters what’s called the “bacteria danger zone”

The increases the risks for salmonella and E. coli.

“In compromised populations like the elderly, small children, or immune compromised, that can cause anything from severe illness to death,” said Ron Salisbury, the environmental supervisor with the Erie County Department of Health.

Dor those homes that are still without power, experts told us items in the fridge are better fit for the garbage.

Salisbury said people can use prevention measures before the next storm hits, like keeping a generator outside of the home.

He told us the department of health is working to educate people on what to do if a storm rolls through again. 

“These storms could have less of an impact if people do simple things like yard maintenance and keep their storm drains clean,” said Salisbury. 

According to the Penelec website, everyone in Erie and Crawford County is expected to have power back by 11:30 Tuesday night. 

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