Powerball fever!

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Millions of eyeballs will be flued to the tv tonight for the Powerball drawing; the second highest in history.  

Many have already decided what they would do if they win.  Raychel Vendetti went to Crosby’s on Perry Highway with more from local lottery players.

Whether you are a veteran lottery player or trying for your first time to win that Powerball, you have the same chance to win, and if you do, what would you do with that kind of money? 

“That kind of money,” by the way, is $700 million, the second highest Powerball jackpot in history.  Millions of people are trying their luck to hit it big.  Matt is one of those people.  He bought his Powerball tickets at Dee’s Cigar Store on State Street in Erie.  He says if he wins the jackpot, he would share the wealth.  “I would take care of a lot of people; family, friends and maybe buy myself a new motorcycle…  I mean, of course, I would be happy with one million, I mean, ya know?” 

The odds of winning the top prize, 1 in 292 million, yet lottery officials expect 170 million tickets to be sold from last Saturday to tonight’s drawing.  

Mike Burns, of Erie, says, “I have often thought of giving the children hospital a million dollars I think is a nice number and St. Jude’s a million dollars, a couple animal shelters a million dollars, then I would move”.

And, many people, like Raychel, buying a lottery ticket for the first time in a long time, just in case.  Jason Ciesielski from Buffalo, New York, is another example.  He bought a ticket at Crosby’s.  The odds may be low, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  “I haven’t bought a ticket in probably two or three years, I was just driving through and I thought it would be a good idea…  I think I would buy a house in the Outer Banks and pay off everyone’s houses back in Buffalo, all the family members”.

It seems this Powerball fever is also bringing out the generous, giving spirit as well.  

If there are no winners tonight, the jackpot will jump to $1 billion.

The drawing is tonight at 10:59, right here on JET 24.

Good luck!

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