Prayer vigil turns into a celebration

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Sunday night was supposed to be a time for the public to gather and pray in Downtown Erie.
Pray for the situation happening in North Dakota regarding the multi-billion dollar oil pipe line planned to be built through the Standing Rock reservation.
“It’s there land”, said activist Doris Cipolla “and no government should be able to tell them what they should be doing they were here before we were.”
However the mood of the crowd quickly changed as JET 24 shared with them the news that the Army Corps of Engineers had just decided to halt construction.
“Well I came here just hoping that we would have a vigil”, said Cipolla “and you hope that things will happen and then you came and told us the news that the Army Corps had just stopped it and I’m ecstatic, I’m ecstatic.”
“And we wanted to hear that call to join them in prayer here to people of all faiths all religions to join our hearts with theirs” said organizer Matthew Ochalek “and here we are before we even get started the news comes in that the Army Corps has denied their permit.”
ABC news reports that the Army Corps of Engineers will be exploring alternate routes for the four state long oil pipeline.
“It is a celebration” said Cipolla “and well thank and hopefully that our continued protests will help in whatever endeavors we have we care about people.”

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