Pregnant woman saves her neighbor from burning home

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This woman got into the house just in time before the smoke and fire escalated. 

It wasn’t a typical Monday for Kelly Sieber, after seeing smoke coming from her neighbor’s house, she ran over and knocked on the door. “The door was open, so I went inside, just looking for hopefully somebody,” said Sieber, Millcreek resident. 

There was someone in the house, Sieber woke the homeowner who was sleeping on the couch and scooped up the dog and went outside.”There was no smoke in the house at that point, It was just in the garage, so I got them outside and as we were coming outside, all the windows were popping and falling through in the garage area,” Sieber added.

Sieber doing all of this while being nine months pregnant. “If the house was filled with smoke I wouldn’t have gone in, but just to save a life makes a big difference,” she said.

According to the West Ridge fire chief, most of the damage from that fire was in the garage area and it took them 40 minutes to put it out. “We got a lot of assistance from other departments around here, because, the way this place is build, it was very labor intensive job trying to find the seed of the fire,” said James Rosenbaum, West Ridge fire chief.

Meanwhile, Kelly Sieber says she hopes her neighbors would do the same thing she did if she was in that situation.  West Ridge Fire Department is working with the Millcreek Police to determine the cause of that fire.

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