A preliminary hearing took place Tuesday for the animal abuse case involving Liz and George Farms in Summit Township.

Witnesses took the stand Tuesday morning in the animal abuse case, and they all agreed on one common aspect.

Owner of Liz and George Farms, Gregory Havican, appeared before District Judge Brian McGowan as witnesses took the stand to recall the living conditions of the dogs and animals on the farm.

Former employee, Benjamin Carrier, recalled Havican giving him instructions to move dogs around in the kennels, but he said he did not follow them.

Carrier said in a video that two weeks worth of feces were on the floor.

He also said one dog was found deceased, it’s body conditions stiff like a board, and it’s nose and mouth were curled back like it had been chewed on.

Another witness, Cpl. Stolar of PSP Troop E Erie, said he believes a crime was committed due to filthy dogs, feces on the ground, no food in bowls, and dirty water in the dog kennels.

Cpl. Stolar also recalled Havican saying he hired people to take care of the animals and if they did not then it was not his concern.

Cpl. Stolar said Havican continued to put the blame on his hired staff after Stolar said he told him it is still his responsibility as the owner.

Ruth Thompson of the ANNA Shelter was also called as an expert witness, but Havican’s attorney, Charbel Latouf, argued she is not credible.