Preparing a winter survival kit in your car for snow storms

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Rough roads can result in some unstable driving conditions.

We spoke to some people who have tips on preparing for dangerous road conditions during snow storms.

On snowy days like today, having something in your car is a good idea, especially if you are traveling.

Having a winter survival kit in your car can come in handy especially during a snow storm.

One local resident explained how it is hard if you don’t prepare ahead of time.

“Honestly it was really unexpected. I really thought it wasn’t going to stick like this,” said Sebastian Raucci, Erie Resident.

This is why having a few items in your car can help in case of an accident is important.

“A small shovel in case you have to dig out, deicer instead of standard windshield wiper fluid once it goes down to seven degrees. When you are driving fast the blue stuff will freeze and you can’t spray your windshield,” said Josh Marsden, Office Manager at Value Home Center.

Jim Garrity, the spokesperson for Triple A East Central, mentions how

“So that comes down to blankets, non-perishable food items, cell phone chargers can come in handy, bags of cat litter or sand no joke is something you can put under your tires to give it some traction,” said Jim Garrity, Spokesperson for AAA East Central.

Having a winter survival kit in your car can help you in dangerous weather situations.

If you want to keep safe in these snowy conditions, you can get yourself a roadside assistance kit that includes almost everything you need in a situation of an emergency.

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