President Donald Trump reunites immigrant families by signing executive order

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In Minnesota overnight, President Donald Trump using his stunning immigration reversal to rally his base, saying, “We’re going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it’s been”.

He added, “They’re not sending their finest, let me tell you. And we’re sending them the hell back.”

The president now says allowing families to be detained together while their cases are reviewed is “the right thing to do”.  In the Oval Office, the president ending the policy with the stroke of a pen, the very thing he said he could not do.  “We can’t do it through an executive order.”

Hey says his own wife and daughter were moved by the images, sources tell us they both lobbied him to put an end to the policy.  This morning, the big question is, ‘what’s next for the more than 2,000 children recently separated from their parents at our nation’s borders?’

The Associated Press reporting babies and small children are being housed in ‘tender age’ shelters like the one in Brownsville, TX.  The New York Times obtaining a photo of a toddler inside of the El Presidente shelter, seemingly about 12 months old. 

–Gio Benitez

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