President of Warriors to Washington heading to inauguration

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ERIE, Pa. — President-elect Donald Trump is just days away from officially becoming the 45th president of the United States, and a local man — who does work with veterans — will now be able to witness the historic day.

Joe Pfadt is the president of Warriors to Washington, an organization that takes veterans who are deployed after 9/11 to Washington, D.C.

Pfadt and his wife were extended an invite to go see Trump’s inauguration. Pfadt said he’s most interested in witnessing the moment.

“It’s a historic event,” Pfadt said. “To go see the smooth transfer of power from one person to another through the presidency, it’s something that we do that’s very unique. The people who have served the nation in the military … the veterans have ensured that we get to do that.”

Pfadt is excited because they were also invited to attend the inaugural ball, parade and concert in addition to the inauguration.

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