President Trump says he wants to get America making things again

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President Donald Trump says that tariffs may still be the best way to level the global playing field against foreign competition, even though some argue they can cost American jobs back home.

In this week’s visit to Erie, the president spoke exclusively to our Scott Bremner about his plans to help businesses start making things again.

Erie used to make a lot of things like locomotives at General Electric, but changing times in a global economy has changed a lot of that, moving Erie’s economy into areas like logistics, health care and education, and high-tech start-ups.

We asked what Trump thinks he can do to get Erie making things again.  “You say about making things, we’ve been all about making things for many years, long before I’ve been doing this. We used to have a slogan ‘Made in the USA’ and today we don’t make but we are starting to make things again in the USA.”

The president insists that the use of tariffs and changes made in trade agreements will turn the global tide.  And, he points at one industry he believes is still vital to Western Pennsylvania; steel.  “I think we’re at a point where we are starting to go over the edge in a positive way, we are starting to make things in the USA a lot of product but steel is just the best one because it’s Pennsylvania and steel is such a big factor here in Pennsylvania.”

Steel being a factor the president hopes will get bigger as his time in office goes on.

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