President Trump signs ‘Right to Try’ bill into law

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Today, the president signed the ‘Right to Try’ bill into law.  The law will allow terminally ill patients to try drugs that the Federal Drug Administration has yet to approve.

President Donald Trump says the ‘Right to Try’ will give terminally ill patients hope. “Thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands — we’re going to be saving tremendous numbers of lives”.

The bill allows patients who have exhausted all other resources, to try experimental treatments not yet approved by the FDA.  Trump says, “The current FDA approval process can take many many years. For countless patients, time is not what they have”.

Jordan McLinn and his mom, Laura, have been working with Senator Joe Donnelly to send the bill to the president’s desk.  Nine-year-old McLinn has a form of muscular dystrophy. His mom told us last week; he’s in a clinical trial now, but did not qualify for the treatment when his family started lobbying for the bill in Indianapolis three years ago.

“There are a lot of boys that aren’t making it into trials, lots of patients for a lot of other diseases…  our fight has become a lot bigger than it was when I marched Jordan down to the Statehouse.”

On Wednesday, all that work paid off. 

Laura says, “He knows he’s doing this for other people. He knows it’s not just about him…  He really gets it”.

Jordan was at the President’s side as he signed the bill into law and he thanked President Trump with a hug, even if it took a couple tries. 

–Jessica Smith

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