President Trump speaks to Pittsburgh workers today

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Earlier today, President Donald Trump left Washington and headed to Pittsburgh.  He was thereto tour H&K Equipment, Inc. and to talk about the new tax law. 

Trump was met by a very excited crowd during his visit to the manufacturing company just outside of Pittsburgh.  He says this company is a real-life example of the benefits the new tax plan will have on corporations and workers. 

The president toured the business, who says 2017 was its most successful year ever, largely because of President Trump’s Policies.  Trump says H&K will be able to make a $2.7 million capital investment back into the company which means more jobs and better benefits for workers.

President Trump also noted all-time low unemployment rates and the nearly $2.2 million jobs created since the election.  He says the White House Administration pushed hard for the bill and they’re excited to see it making an impact.

Trump says, “When we began our push for tax cuts I promised that our bill would result in more jobs, higher wages and tremendous relief for middle-class families, and that is exactly what we have delivered. There’s only one thing… Even I never knew how big it would be. It’s much bigger, and you see it’s bigger than anybody anticipated. We kept our promise.”

President Trump also noted that Americans could see bigger paychecks as soon as February and that this tax plan will let Americans “think big and dream bigger”.

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