President Trump’s visit to Erie sparks support and protest

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Thousands of people from across the country were in Erie for President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally.

While the president was met with support, his visit also met with protests. “We want to support, especially your own people and your own friends and your own family,” said Nathaniel Quiles.  “Might as well voice your opinion, might as well do something for them.”

Quiles was one of the many protesters who lined the sidewalks of 10th and State streets. The organizer of that protest, Caitlin Handerhan says she didn’t think so many people were going to show up.

“This turnout really really exceeds our expectations,” said Caitlin Handerhan, organizer of the protest. “This was all planned on social media, so we really had no idea what to expect.”

A large crowd of President Trump’s supporters were gathered outside the Erie Insurance Arena waiting for him to speak. Some of them say they had tickets, but they weren’t allowed to go in due to overcrowding. 

Michael Jamil proposed to his girlfriend Amanda outside of the Erie Insurance Arena before the rally. “I figured this is the perfect place to do it… just support him,” said Jamil. 

Joe Patterson says he’s a liberal, but he wanted to see the president speak in Erie. “We can have disagreements on policies, but he’s our president of the United States, we might as well listen to him,” said Joe Patterson, University of Buffalo student. 

The president was in town for the rally, but to also campaign for Congressman Mike Kelly and Representative Lou Barletta.

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