Presidential debate breaks Twitter record

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The gloves came off during Sundays Presidential debate and millions of people turned to social media to share their thoughts on the controversy.
Many people say it was a debate filled with personal attacks and outrageous threats, while others say candidates avoided the real issues, either way it sure got Americans fired up.
This debate broke the record for the most tweeted Presidential Debate ever, with 17 million people tweeting.
Millions taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the banter,commenting on Trump threatening to put Hillary Clinton in jail and the fly that landed on Clintons forehead, instead of discussing the topics being debated.
Mercyhurst University’s Political Science Department Chair Dr. Michael Federici says people focus more on the out of the box debate moments that are entertaining, which happened often Sunday.
“But because this debate, Federici said “had a lot of non substantive things in it I think that is why you got a lot tweets about seemingly trivial things.”
Many people wondering why this debate was so focused on personal attacks, Federici says the candidates are debating who is more qualified to be President instead of political views.
“The single biggest issue has been whether or not Donald trump is qualified to be president of the United States,” Federici said “and the Clinton campaign saying no and the Trump campaign saying oh yes he is.”

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