Presque Isle Officials says the rain has an impact on the park

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With the great lakes seeing almost record-breaking numbers, Presque Isle staff members say the slightest amount of rain has a significant impact on the park.

With the summer season nearly here, Presque Isle has seen nearly record-breaking water levels.
Operations manager for the park, Matt Greene says the elevated levels have a damping result on the park.

“That effects the infrastructure from the multipurpose trails, road ways, beaches, and actual facilities on the park. We have water on some of the shelters… shelters one and two. ” Says Matt Greene, operations manager at Presque Isles.

Greene adding, with water levels already high, addition rainfall water levels can fluctuate and where from six inches to a foot.
One person who has noticed the affect of the elevated levels is 14 year-old biker Mirrana Rinehart.

” They have been flooded. Water is half up the trail. I’ve been coming up here for six years and this is the worst it has been.” Says Mirranda Rinehart.

Greene says another main focus is the interior park trails. He says traveling through saturated trails could have a negative impact on them. ” If we get a lot of people on those trails, coming up when the weather is nicer…It’s going to do a lot of damage to the interior trails. Which impact the ecosystem. ” Matt Greene.

Greene also says, park guests should monitor the park’s website for updates on weather, trail closures, and beach closures. Greene says, the rain dose not automatically close the beaches. and that lifeguards will still be monitoring the waters.

The weather did however cause the cancellation of a block party.
The Erie downtown partnership has rescheduled the block party for August 29th.

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