Presque Isle State Park temporarily closed after storm damage

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Crews at Presque Isle have had their work cut out for them after yesterdays storm battered the Peninsula.

Trees fell on powerlines, erosion and high water forced crews to close Presque Isle.

Here is more on the cleanup effort and when the park will be reopened.

Presque Isle State Park is just reopening this evening after a day long effort of cleaning up and trying to restore power.

The storm on Friday night ripped through Erie County. Winds at 50 miles per hour also battered through the Presque Isle shoreline.

Presque Isle State Park Operations Manager Matt Greene said that the Peninsula is without power and the park is temporarily closed.

“This is the last thing we want to do on Memorial Day weekend, especially since our whole efforts have been culminating in getting ready for first day of swim here. Not really great weather for swimming anyways with the beach hazard that’s in effect,” said Matt Greene, Operations Manager at Presque Isle State Park.

Greene said that while some people are disappointed, the fallen powerlines make it unsafe for visitors.

“Trees off the lines, back up and off the roadway, reset a couple of poles that ended up breaking. So at this point we don’t have power on the park and without power we can’t open restrooms and other things at this point,” said Greene.

The Glenwood Park area was also hit hard. We talked with one man whose car was destroyed after a tree fell on it.

“It did sound like we were under attack or something because apparently it was crashing through the trees and it just got louder until it culminate in actually hitting our car,” said Andy Kerr, Reacting to Storm Damage.

Kerr said that his advice for those who are surrounded by trees is to make sure none of them are dead. He said that he is staying positive.

“Inspect the ones that look more dead and I didn’t notice it this one. Sat back in the woods a little further, but obviously if it were just a little more way it would have went right into our house,” said Kerr.

If power is restored, Presque Isle is expected to reopen sometime this evening.

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