Update: As of 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Presque Isle State Park has reopened.

(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) – As a result of wind speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour and gusts of more than 50 miles per hour, Presque Isle State Park has been closed to the public for the day.

Matt Greene, the park operations manager, said they’ve seen many trees and branches come down on Tuesday inside the park — several came down on the roadways, walking trails and duck blinds located in the park even seeing damages.

Fortunately, the current water levels of the lake are down. Green added that just a few years ago, they’d be seeing roads throughout the peninsula flooded by high waves crashing ashore but they’re not seeing as much of that right now.

Conditions even got so bad that many of the park’s staff members were told to stay out of the area.

“The park staff is always at the forefront of making sure everything’s safe for everybody. They’re out there in conditions where it’s not necessarily safe for people. Today, it got to the point where with the wind and the trees coming down, we sent maintenance staff home,” said Greene. “The ranger staff stays on regardless. They’re going to be here maintaining safety for the park, making sure everybody knows to stay off the park.”

Greene went on to say once the winds die down, the ranger staff will go around the park to make assessments and will figure out when to bring staff in early Wednesday morning to clean up the debris.

The park will reopen when staff deems it safe for the public.