The ripple effect of the historic Supreme Court decision is being felt right here in Erie as emotions are running high.

The local pro-choice group Erie County United is protesting the decision outside Republican Dan Laughlin’s office in Griswold Park.

Brian Wilk was live from the protest, joined by Molly Brechtel with Erie County United to talk about why they are out today, and how the decision impacts women here in Erie.

Nearly 100 protestors rallied at Griswold Park Friday, chanting and holding signs saying “Our Voices Count” and “Roe 4 Ever.”

The rally was put on by Erie County United; they say reproductive healthcare was criminalized today.

“There is a whole generation that never knew what it was not to have this right. We also have those in our midst and with us in this community that fought for this right,” said Molly Brechtel, Erie County United.

We also went to Perry Square where a Supreme Court celebration was was supposed to be held, but no one was there when we got there.