Professor Bruce Ledewitz wants his voice to be… read

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An attention-grabbing billboard along Interstate 86 is said to be a protest against lying in politics.

The billboard reads ‘TAX CUTS THREATEN SOCIAL SECURITY’ in bold, red letters.  It was paid for by Bruce Ledewitz, who is a professor of law at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  He calls Erie the quintessential swing district and says he’s confronting lying in politics; specifically the lie that tax cuts pay for themselves.

Ledewitz says, “The politicians who told us that know that it wasn’t true, it isn’t true, but they thought they could just tell this lie with impunity. The billboard is here to say, no you can’t, you’re going to be confronted. I would love to see Americans all across the country confront our political leaders every time they tell a lie about public policy.”

The billboard will remain up for 28 days. 

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