Project looks to help lower Eastside community

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Count Me In is a project that has come together after more than 30 local community health and resource organizations realized that residents are facing many challenges that effect their everyday life.

“Let’s ask the community what resources they need and then lets take those results and try to piece it together and bring those resources to the neighborhood,” said Charles “Boo” Hagerty, President of Hamot Health Foundation.
Organizers of count me in say the best way to get those results is by reaching out to every resident from Holland to East Avenue between 5th and 15th Street. They created a team of 10 lower Eastside residents to knock on their neighbors doors and talk about different issues or ideas they have about the neighborhood. 

“We want to hear from every resident, we want to hear their voice so that we can make an impactful change and give people what they need,” said Erin Caret, team leader of Count Me In. No matter what the cause is that residents believe is needed to fix the area, organizers are looking to implement whatever ideas they have.

“I believe that the people we are working with are looking to do something better, They don’t want to make the same mistake twice,” said Lauren Brashear, a survey taker for Count Me In.
Surveys for this project are expected to completed by the middle of the summer and then organizers will decide what the next step is to better serve the community.

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