Projects underway due to LERTA program

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Projects are continuing to get underway due to the city’s newly established LERTA program.

Earlier today, Mayor Joe Schember announced so far there have been 13 residential applications with a projected cost of more than 4 million dollars, another half a dozen commercial projects, which projected costs of over 800 thousand dollars.

This leaves the city with a total of 19 applications. So far the Mayor said things are working out.

“I think the businesses, it may take them a little longer to get their plans together and so forth. If you’re going to build a garage or add a room to a house, you going to do that relatively quickly, so I’m hoping the commercial side takes off in the near future as well,” said Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie.

The city’s goal is to have 10 million dollars in projected costs by the end of next June.

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