Proposed Idea to bring Private Hybrid Fire Department to Millcreek Township

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With a declining number of volunteer fire fighters, the Millcreek Fire and Emergency Service Commission has recommended the creation of a Private Non-Profit Department.

The Millcreek Fire and Emergency Service Commission has been working on several options to fix the growing issue of not enough people volunteering to be fire fighters. The Commission has developed five different options, including paid non-profit departments , half volunteer and half paid, and maintaining the current volunteer fire departments.

“What we have today isn’t working,” said Millcreek Fire and Emergency Service Commission Chairman Randy Lechowski. “A lack of volunteers. We have dedicated fire fighters, just not enough of them.”

The selected recommention is to create a private hybrid non-profit organization, ultimately consolidating fire departments into one entity.

“which enables it to be more efficent to have professional management involved,” said Millcreek Township Solicitor Mark Shaw.

Shaw says this will hopefully reduce the dependance on volunteers

“Although there is no 100% grantee on whats going to happen to the environment,” said Lechowski.”We believe this mitigate the risk and there is room to change as the community changes. Millcreek has changed over time, so we need an organization that can change over time. “

This is concept township supervisor John Groh says the board will study.

“I’m glad to see that we’re finally taking some steps forward,” said Millcreek Township Supervisor. ” Is it the entire solution? It may not be, but at least we’re moving off of where we are. “

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