Proposed zoning changes in Summit Township impact residents in Townhall Village

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Proposed zoning changes in Summit Township impacted some residents in Townhall Village.

We spoke to Summit Township Supervisors as well as residents about these plans.

Some residents said that they choose to live in Summit to be part of a more rural community, away from lots of traffic and large businesses. These residents said that they don’t want any major changes to the area.

Summit Township supervisors discussed zoning plans while agreeing on a map intended to satisfy both residents and commercial property owners near Peach Street and Townhall Road.

“We’re trying to protect residential areas, but yet to be fair to retail and commercial too I mean people own a lot of property. So you can’t tell them their not allowed to do anything with the property,” said Jack Lee, Summit Township Supervisor.

Supervisor Jack Lee added that it’s a balancing act as the township is attempting to keep the peace with buffer zones.

“We’re trying to implement a 200 foot buffer between commercial or retail businesses and those residential areas,” said Lee.

Some Summit Township residents said that they have some concerns about these proposed zoning changes. These residents said that they want the area to remain mostly residential.

“We didn’t really want to bring all the traffic and nightmares and sprawls closer to where we live. A lot of land developers and realtors are putting pressure on the township to make changes to that plan overall so they can put in what they want where they want, ” said Joe Mehs, Summit Township Resident.

Another resident said that he moved to Summit to escape noise and loud business.

“I can deal with what’s going on right now, but to have someone speaking in the backyard and loud speakers, we come out here for peace so it would be nice to keep that peace,” said Jacob Thomas, Summit Township Resident.

Summit Township Supervisors said that meetings are posted on the township website and residents can attend a follow up meeting on March 1st to voice their concerns.

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