Protest turns violent in downtown Erie at Perry Square

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Plywood has now been placed on the broken windows on the 400 block of State Street.

The glass as well as a lot of the damage from Saturday night’s protest has been cleaned up, but the remnants remain from what can only be described as a chaotic night.

Police and protesters were involved in a standoff that lasted over an hour that began a couple of blocks away from the 400 block of State Street.

Here are some of the sights and sounds from when tensions reached a boiling point in last nights riot.

Protesters chanted repeatedly “I can’t breathe.” The Erie Police Department responded in riot gear while ordering the crowd to disassemble.

Protesters continued to rally the streets chanting “no justice, no peace.”

The chants soon led to explosions as police fired off tear gas in order to disperse the crowds.

Protesters responded to the tear gas with an explosion of their own while setting off fireworks towards police.

Several city officers then made their way back to 7th Street only to have fireworks continually fired at them.

Last night was a night that many here in Erie have never seen before yet many will never forget nor want to see again.

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