Dozens gather outside of Congressman Mike Kelly’s office demanding he repeal what they’re calling the ‘Kelly kickback’.

Protestors are hoping for changes to the Tax Reform 2.0 Bill.  they’re fighting against a loophole for car dealership owners, which Congressman Kelly voted in favor of.  It gives the dealerships a kickback that’s meant for middle-class citizens.  

They’re asking Kelly to fight for tax reform that gives the relief to the middle class permanently. 

Sydney Zimmermann, Concerned Citizen, says, “Quite frankly, he’s got $10.5 million more in his pocket since he’s been in office. I don’t really think that he needs any tax loopholes or breaks. I think that he can do right by the middle class and he has an opportunity today to go ahead and take that loophole out.”

The Ways and Means Committee is voting on the Tax Reform 2.0 Bill today.