Protesters say President Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns

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With April 18th fast approaching, millions of Americans are checking all the stops to make sure their taxes are filed correctly. Some voters said it’s just not fair that one American might be getting away with not doing the same.
“They are supposed to be not only our elected officials, but they are supposed to be good neighbors, good community members as well by paying their fair share of taxes,” activist Rebecca Pruveadenti told us. 
President Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns, leading some to question whether or not he has something to hide.
Dozens of protesters gathered at Griswold Park this afternoon, saying they won’t stop pushing until the president shares the details of his finances. 
Activists told us the President’s refusal to share his tax returns has been a topic of conversation for months, but it hits closer to home during tax season. 
“We know that our elected officials not only do they not pony up their fair share, but they brag about it,” Pruveadenti said. 
Protesters said the issue is bigger than just tax returns. They said it even contradicts some of the main promises President Trump made during his campaign. 
“During the campaign, he promised to show his taxes to all of us if he won the presidency and he hasn’t done so,” protester Randall Bishop told us. 
The President said on multiple occasions he cannot release his tax returns because they are under audit. 

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