Protesters voice concerns over Bayfront Parkway project

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A push to bring awareness about what the Bayfront could look like continues.

Protesters that are a part of Equity Coalition of Erie are speaking out on ways that PennDOT can fix the proposed plan before a final decision is made.

Here is more on the reaction about this project.

Just days after Erie City Council held a public hearing where more than 120 people voiced their concerns, protesters are taking it a step further at the corner of the Bayfront Parkway and State Street to make sure that their voices are heard.

Kevin Pastweka is doing whatever he can to raise awareness on why he believes the proposed changes on Erie’s Bayfront could create some problems for Downtown Erie.

“I don’t understand why not take everyone’s safety into consideration before proceeding with something that a lot of people have objection,” said Kevin Pastweka, Erie Resident.

At the corner of the Bayfront Parkway and State Street protesters are voicing their concerns about PennDOT’s Bayfront Parkway project.

This comes after more than 100 residents expressed their concerns about the health and safety of pedestrians during Erie City Council’s public hearing.

There are however downtown businesses that are in favor of this project.

“One thing we’ve urged PennDOT all along is to have access, pedestrian access for bikes and buses to have access downtown as a whole,” said John Buchna, In Favor of Bayfront Project, Downtown Erie Partnership.

PennDOT’s plans call for roundabouts and pedestrian bridges at the end of both Sassafras and Holland Streets.

Protesters aren’t opposed to change, but they say more research needs to be done before City Council makes a final decision.

“The Bayfront needs to be desperately improved, but say more research needs to be done before City Council makes a final decision,” said Adam Trott, President of Connect Urban Erie.

Erie City Council is expected to conduct a study session via Zoom about the Bayfront project on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

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