Animal cruelty officers spent the weekend rescuing hundreds of animals from a Summit Township farm.

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) called the living conditions inhumane. Ruth Thompson with the ANNA Shelter described the living conditions at the property as horrific and possibly the worst she has ever seen.

More than 200 animals, from dogs, cats, guinea pigs to pigeons, were rescued from what PSP identified as the Liz and George Farm on Edinboro Road late Saturday night.

“Pretty much if you could sell it, it was pretty much there,” said Ruth Thompson, founder and director, The ANNA Shelter.

Thompson is thankful for the quick response by the State Police after video evidence of the alleged inhumane living conditions was turned in.

“It’s been in the works for a long time. We’ve had numerous complaints about this place, but never had the actual evidence that we got on Saturday afternoon. So that was really the catalyst, that was what we needed to get definitive proof that this was going on there,” Thompson added.

While hundreds of animals were rescued off the property, there were also a number of animal remains found as well.

“Then there were countless dead bodies. I think they’re still working on the numbers. That’s something our vets are doing, necropsies, all day today on the dead bodies to get exact answers on why these animals passed,” said Thompson.

As for the future of the animals, they are all being evaluated by the shelter’s veterinarians.

“Give us a couple of days, we’ll be out there all day again today. But once that happens, we will need to get these guys in foster, because we won’t be able to adopt them out until the court case is ended. Then we get possession of the animals for sure,” Thompson said.

State Police have not filed any charges against the property owners yet. The investigation is ongoing.