Public art display may be coming to Erie’s West Bayfront

Local News

The first steps were made in order to get a new piece of artwork in Erie’s West Bayfront.

During today’s Port Authority meeting, a presentation was made for public input on an art piece “Erie” display.

Our West Bayfront made the presentation, showcasing what the sign would look like at the chosen location, the foot of Cherry Street at Bayview Park.

“It’s kind of taking advantage of modern social media, where we are going to be able to capture the Instagram crowd that wants to come down and get that photo opp. It’s just a great opportunity for kids to climb around on signs and visit the program there,” said Jason Wieczorek, Board Member, Our West Bayfront.

The Port Authority will now look to complete the license to put the artwork on their property. One board member explained that if everything goes as planned, the approval for this should come within the next month.

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