Millcreek Police said the public’s cooperation played a role in Wednesday’s drug raid in Springland Terrace.

Erie Police said in some instances, cooperation from the community can make neighborhoods safer and can ultimately save lives.

Millcreek Police arrested two suspects Wednesday after a drug bust in Springland Terrace.

Authorities said members of the community reached out and voiced their concerns over potential drug distribution in their neighborhood.

We reached out to city of Erie Police to see if the public’s cooperation plays the same role in their investigations.

Deputy Chief Rick Lorah said more recently, community members come forward knowing the people who are committing crimes would be held accountable.

“I think once they see their cooperation is actually helping in the prosecution, and it’s helping to put these dangerous individuals behind bars. It’s making the city safer, its making our jobs easier and it’s cleaning up the neighborhoods in the city,” said Rick Lorah, Deputy Chief.

The leader of one neighborhood watch group said she encourages community members to speak out when they see suspicious activity.

“Don’t wait till it’s too late. Don’t let us have kids getting shot. Don’t have people hurting and in misery because you didn’t react to something say or heard or you suspected. You don’t have to investigate it. That’s the police’s job,” said Candace Battles, coordinator of W Bayfront Neighborhood Watch.

Battles said there are other ways of reporting crimes in your neighborhood.

“You can also, for some things, contact the district attorney’s office and their website, and you can do it anonymously,” Battles added.

Neighborhood watch groups have also been instrumental in implementing security cameras throughout the city.

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That video often assists police in their investigations.