Public officials look to make voting easier in Pennsylvania

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Democrats in the State House are looking at ways to make voting easier in Pennsylvania.  They plan on introducing a package of bills to encourage more Pennsylvanians to get out and vote. 

These are issues that Democrats have been talking about for years.  This year, more than a dozen of them are planning to introduce bills that they say will make sure your vote counts.

Representative Dermody says, “We should make it easier for people to vote, instead of making it harder.”

House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody says the package of bills, dubbed ‘Your Vote Counts,’ being introduced will make voting easier in Pennsylvania.  It’s a mission Governor Tom Wolf spoke in support of at his inauguration.

“I want us to be ambitious in imagining the Pennsylvania we can build together. Where we commit to a process that makes our elections fairer, and where we give every Pennsylvanian the same chance to determine our shared future.”

The bills include introducing early voting, vote by mail, and making Election Day a holiday.

Dermody says, “If you have a job or something that may take you away from your ability to vote, you need the opportunity to vote; your vote should count.”

They also aim to make registering to vote easier as well through bills that allow things like same-day voter registration.

Republican Strategist with Eagle Consulting Group, Chris Nicholas, says, “Until the Democrats really talk about how they would integrate that in a secure fashion, to me, that’s really a non-starter.”

Nicholas also says same-day registration would simply be an added burden on poll workers and that there’s no evidence early voting has any benefit to voter turnout. 

“And again, it gets down an issue of ballot security, and do we want to wait sometimes four or five, six weeks for all the ballots to be counted?”

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