Public response for Trebek moderating gubernatorial debate not all positive…

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Gubernatorial Republican Nominee Scott Wagner says he wants another debate with Governor Tom Wolf.

It’s a debate that prompted some people to boo Moderator Alex Trebek.  In comments made during an appearance in Erie, Scott Wagner is reiterating his desire for two more debates.  This comes a day after he and Governor Tom Wolf faced off during their only scheduled debate.

They talked about jobs, education, and taxes.  The amount of time that Trebek talked drew the ire of some audience members, even frustrating Wagner.  He says it felt like he was debating two people at times, but wants more time debating with the incumbent. 

Wagner says, “Governor Wolf is a nice guy and I’m not going to stand here and trash him, but there’s no energy. There’s no sense of urgency. There’s no passion. And he really believes in his heart that everything is going great in Pennsylvania. It’s not.”

At this time, Governor Tom Wolf’s campaign office has not confirmed plans for additional debates.

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