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With the summer now officially over, pumpkins are taking over northwest Pennsylvania, and for farmers such as roberta dudas in fairview, the big question is how did the summer weather affect these pumpkins, large and small?

Roberta Dudas says, “The rain is terrible, it just pours down, doesn’t give any chance to soak in so their might be a lot of rotten ones.”
With the harvest season typically beginning in late may to early june, each year provides different results for area farmers. 

For John Mason Jr. of Mason Farms, he says the heat was as big a factor as any in growing his pumpkins.

Mason Jr. says, “It’s pushed them so quickly, that they’re actually ready two to three weeks earlier than normal. It’s going to be a challenge.  We’re a hoping for a bit of a cooloff and some typical fall weather for Erie.”

One of the advantages of this time of year for Mason Farms is their famous “Pumpkin Town.”

Mason Jr. says, “We’ve been doing it for multiple generations now, I mean I’ve got kids that have had kids and actually they’re on their next generation having kids that come to pumpkin town for years.”

Mason Jr. says, “I’ve got a couple kids we sell season passes, for pumpkin town and they’ll be here every day until we close.”

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