Purple Martin tracking with Brevillier Village

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The Purple Martins are welcomed home with a big celebration in Erie.  Presidents at Brevillier Village celebrate all things purple today at the annual Purple Martin Festival.

The area behind the Brevillier mansion is home to the Purple Martin colony.  The swallows fly south for the winter and return in the Spring.  So far, they’ve counted 76 eggs ready to hatch.

Dan Derochers of Brevillier Village, tells us, “they migrate every year to South America and so we’re gonna put bands on [what] we think [was] 90 baby birds born this spring and we will track them.  They usually come back to the same place then we spot and track them and they’re really great for the community because all they eat is flying insects.”

Once the birds are banded, they’re tracked on a website.  You can check that out, here.

One of the returning Brevillier Purple Martins actually spent the winter in the Amazon Rain Forest.

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