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ERIE, Pa – Hundreds of people in the community came out for a designer purse bingo to help one local teen. 
When this local teen was born, she had no hip, no ACLs, no knee cap, no femoral neck and the femur bone on her right leg was only 50% the size of her left.
Today, she does great and it’s many thanks to the community.
Like any other 13-year-old, Lexxis Maloney-Barnes loves roller skating, cheerleading, swimming, riding a bike, and playing soccer.
No one would guess that when Lexxis was only 9 days old, doctors were encouraging her parents to amputate her right leg. 
She was born with a rare birth defect called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency. 
After 13 surgeries since she was just two years old, Lexxis has excelled. 
“She’s had doctors say you’ll never walk, never crawl, never ride a bike … she’s done it all … she ice skates. You know, she’s a good kid.”
Her family has hosted countless fundraisers over the years to help with Lexxi’s medical care.
More than 350 people came out for today’s event to support Lexxis and hopefully, go home with a nice prize.
“And even though the bingo prizes today are designer bags, they welcomed anybody who wants to help Lexxi.”
“We do not discriminate, they can all participate. We encourage them to come. We actually have a really good support system, some are family, some are friends, and others are actually strangers that we don’t know.”
The family will travel to Baltimore for her 14th, and hopefully last, major surgery this September.
Lexxis says she only hopes for one thing in the future…
“I’m supposed to have this surgery … and then one or two more … so hopefully, not having anymore.”
Despite the many complications throughout Lexxi’s life, her mom says there is light at the end of the tunnel.
She reminds other families who have children facing medical issues to always stay positive.
“If there’s something that they can do to get over whatever hurdle there is, don’t hold them back because they’re a lot tougher than you think.”
To follow Lexxis journey, you can visit facebook.com/gooutonalimbforlexxis. 
We certainly wish her the best of luck with her surgery this September. 

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