Quality-of-life ticketing program operating in full force

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Quality-of-ticketing is now in full force for the City of Erie with seven different departments heading out to make sure properties within the city comply.

41 different ordinances make up the new initiative that looks help create and sustain a healthy living environment for the people of Erie and with the weather changing a larger amount of tickets are being dispersed. “Oh we are definitely busier, as soon as the snow melts and the grass starts growing and everything this office gets very busy,” said Andy Zimmerman, manager of Erie Code Enforcement.

One officer further explained the process of what brings them to certain properties and the steps taken if they’re found in violation of anything. “We’ll come by the property and see junk and debris or get a call or will get a notice from the Mayor’s office so then we them check it out we take a photograph of it we will then place a courtesy sticker, a courtesy door knocker on the property,” said Stephen Yurkewicz, code enforcement officer.

The person then has at least 24 hours to fix the property, if they don’t do so a quality life ticket will then be issued. Whether its an excessive amount of trash or high grass, there are a number of things you can be found in violation of. “Parking in the front yard you can’t do that it has to be in the driveway or it could be blocking the sidewalk. I haven’t talked to the fire department yet to see how they’re doing on illegal burning and that will be kicking in soon,” said Zimmerman.

Most of the fines for this are $25.00, however if a person fails to pay a ticket after 10 days or it is found they are continuing to violate something a citation which can fall anywhere from $300.00 to $1,000.00 could be issued.

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