The primary election is just one week from today. One race that is up for grabs is for the Pennsylvania State Senator in the 49th District.

Republican Dan Laughlin is the incumbent looking for re-election. Two Democratic candidates are eyeing to replace him in Harrisburg.

These two candidates are Julie Slomski and Andre Horton. Slomski is the former Northwest Regional Director for Governor Tom Wolf.

Slomski said that throughout her campaign constituents have talked about raising minimum wage, an issue she would like to tackle if elected.

Horton has represented Erie County Council since 2014. He is advocating for healthcare are well as raising minimum wage if elected to the senate.

“Folks wanna make sure we’re focused on what matters most to them especially in this senate seat and one of those items is minimum wage. An increase to minimum wage especially now for our frontline workers. So many are suffering,” said Julie Slomski (D), Candidate for State Senate District 49.

Horton also stated that there is a need for a fighter for healthcare and that the fighter is needed so an essential worker does not work for $7.25 an hour.

Horton believes that someone is needed who has tried and also proven leadership.

Both candidates hear a demand to raise the minimum wage.

Many constituents are saying that they are barely able to make ends meet and are still working on the front lines as essential workers.